Nutrition Tips for Women

When it comes to nutrition, there’s no denying that men and women have different needs. It is essential to stay educated on these differences and learn what works for you as a woman. As such, the following are a list of tips on how to get varying essential vitamins for women.


  • Iron



Iron deficiencies can be common in women, especially for women during their monthly cycles. Lack of iron is commonly met with the symptoms of fatigue. As such, it’s important to be aware of what foods are high in iron and also to remember to consume these during those particular times. Foods rich in iron include meat, beans, enriched cereals, etc.


  • Calcium and Vitamin D


Almost everyone knows that calcium helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth, so the necessity behind calcium is quite obvious. However, it is not as commonly known that Vitamin D is necessary for adequate absorption of calcium. Even if you consume a lot of calcium, without Vitamin D, your body will not be able to properly metabolize the calcium you are intaking. Therefore, your body needs both.


  • Vitamin A



The benefits of Vitamin A are numerous. For one, it helps with proper bone growth. Vitamin A also helps with your vision, supports healthy skin, and, ultimately, it is essential for reproduction. A good place to get Vitamin A is from leafy greens such as kale, bok choy, chard, broccoli, asparagus, etc.


  • Vitamin C


Vitamin C is commonly known as an immune system booster and is an important vitamin to include in any sort of diet. A good way to incorporate Vitamin C into your diet is to consume berries as well as citrus fruits. An added benefit of berries, specifically cranberries, is that they have been proven to reduce cases of urinary tract infection in women.


  • Fiber



Many think that fiber simply has the benefit of moving food through your digestive system. However, fiber also helps with your body’s absorption of sugar. By regulating sugar absorption, fiber keeps your blood sugar levels from spiking.


  • Folate


Folate plays a huge role in DNA synthesis and repair. Furthermore, this vitamin is also essential for pregnant women. As such, it is essential that this nutrient be included in your diet. You can incorporate folate into your diet by consuming more leafy greens and berries.

Lastly, it is important to remember to eat breakfast daily. As our lives get busy, it becomes easy to skip this meal, especially since many of us either don’t make enough time for it or don’t even feel hungry in the morning. However, my skipping this meal (or any meal actually), your body will go into what is referred to as starvation mode. Your body will think you are starving and, as a result, will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy. Once you finally eat your next meal, your metabolism will have already slowed down, causing weight gain. You can easily avoid this simply by remembering to eat breakfast daily.


Karen Schule and Nancy Kyburg are best friends and nutritionists. Nancy is a breast cancer survivor who specializes in creating nutrition plans for people suffering from diseases. Both Karen and Nancy have spent their careers focusing specifically on women’s health and nutrition, and they invite all women to book a free initial consultation with them.


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